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Everything Pickleball. And we mean everything...

Growing Pickleball through Business by growing  Business through Pickleball.

Who. What. Why.


A Pickleball company that focuses on growing the sport through business and growing business through the sport. Whether it be businesses looking for new and unique ways to connect with each other, creating a fun company culture through team building events, or wanting to get into the pickleball industry but not sure how, 321 Pickleball has you covered. Our combined 15+ years of experience in the pro pickleball and events industries are what set us a part from the rest of the pack. We're not afraid of uncharted waters as we thrive in bringing innovation to the sport and business world.



Corporate Pickleball - Connecting Business Executives on and off the court with the pros

Team Building - Fun-filled pickleball events to improve company culture 

Sports Management - Representing professional players and helping companies/brands navigate through the ever changing pickleball business world



Pickleball is the #1 growing sport in the US by participation and a great way to meet new people from all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. As the sport continues to evolve, so do the businesses behind it. We have the experience, background, and network of professional players to accelerate how businesses get involve and can benefit in a big way.


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